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Done as a request. Cowgirl positions are badass.  

Artists in order from top to bottom:

Justpony, Marik Azemus3, Kohtek, Smudge Proof, Moneychan, DreiKaze, DimWitDog, Wonky Shoe, DJWill, Lucario41893

Just to clarify, all characters depicted in these pictures are 18+.

That is not Sweetie Bell, it’s her 18 year old long lost sister! ;)

Cream sickle

(Source: mrclopman)



Futafolio Milestone #7

Courtesy of the fantastic Atryl—-

Hi Res files

FutaFolio link


With that, all we have left is the already unlocked Milestone #8, so stay tuned.

Sooo there’s that :) I worked on this one all night.

In the high res files you can find cum, precum edits, sketches,linearts and flatcolors and more!

Enjoy, and support kevin buying the futa folio, it’s good stuff :)

(Source: ponypicnic)

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